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That’s a very good question and one that is worth seriously considering.  Generally referred to as Travel Protection or Travel Insurance, this can be the best way to protect both your investment in travel arrangements  and also guard against unforeseen events or situations while traveling.  Knowing that you are “covered” can take some of the stress and anxiety away when the unexpected happens and your perfectly planned dream vacation is at risk.


There are basically two types of coverage:


  • Cancel for any reason. Generally the most inclusive but has several upfront restrictions and usually a deductible.

  • Cancel for covered medical reasons or events beyond your control. Generally the most popular and economical option.

It’s important to understand the differences between both types of coverage in order to decide which option best suits your situation. 


For example, most airline tickets nowadays are non-refundable; however, most allow you to change your travel plans and pay only a Change Fee plus any fare difference.  So, if you became ill the day before your trip, it could, for example, cost $200 per person in Change Fees just to reschedule your departure. But what if you’re traveling with the family, and there’s four of you? That could quickly rack up $800 of Change Fee penalties.  Also, keep in mind, some discounted airfares such as Basic Economy do not allow any changes or refunds.  Of course, that’s only your air ticket and doesn’t include other things such as car rental (many now have no-show and cancelation penalties), hotel accommodations (many have stepped up penalties to 24, 48, 72 hours or more before arrival), pre-arranged tours, and cruises.


Besides covered medical reasons, Travel Protection can also provide relief from situations out of your control such as delayed or canceled flights, lost luggage, ground transport accidents, or illness of a close family member while on your trip (not necessarily traveling with you).  Remember, even if you have U.S. medical insurance or Medicare, you are most likely not covered when traveling internationally. Depending on your travel policy, here are just a few of the situations that Travel Protection can rescue you from:


  • Delayed or canceled flights including missing a connecting flight or your cruise

  • Lost or damaged luggage

  • Medical emergencies or loss of you, a traveling companion, or immediate family member (even if not traveling with you).  Some restrictions may apply for pre-existing conditions so be sure to ask when buying.  Medical situations can occur before or during your trip.  Foreign hospital stays or emergency airlifts to receive essential treatment can be very expensive.

  • Severe weather conditions such as a hurricane or winter storm that causes damage or destruction to your destination


Your SKYPASS Travel Consultant can provide information and assistance in securing the best Travel Protection option for your next trip.  After all, your passage is our priority. Contact us today for more information.

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