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  • Get a good night’s sleep & relax your schedule


It’s important to get a good night’s sleep before you fly. Some people try to put off sleeping in order to sleep more on the plane. This          disruption in your normal schedule will actually make you more tired. Maintaining your regular schedule as much as possible before you fly to a different time zone is the best way to ensure that your body is relaxed and ready to adjust to the time zone of the destination you are traveling to.

  • Choose comfortable clothing


Feeling unrestricted during a long haul flight is key to ensuring that you are able to rest and relax as much as possible. Avoid tight-fitting clothing and opt for a more relaxed, comfortable fit.



  • Make a pit-stop


Splitting up the trip can help your body adjust to the new schedule. Depending on your route, opt for 24-48 hour layover in an interesting city that is en route to your final destination.

  • Stay hydrated

It's always a good idea to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the flight. Try to minimize alcohol and carbonated beverages  which tend to dehydrate you on long flights.

  • Stay moving


Boost your endorphins & minimize circulation issues by doing some simple, quick exercises on long-haul flights. Slow blood flow is one of the main factors that lead to exhaustion,  so stretching , standing up and moving around, etc. can help decrease jet-lag recovery time.

  • Say goodbye to coffee & sleeping pills


While it might seem like a good idea to caffeinate to stay awake, or conversely, rely on sleeping pills to force you to sleep, these will actually interfere with your body’s ability to naturally adjust to the new time zone and increase recovery time.



  • Eat right


A good rule of thumb is to start eating three meals a day upon arrival, in line with the new time zone, so that your body’s internal & digestive clock can adjust accordingly. Eating light, healthy meals on your first day abroad is also a good idea.

  • Stay in the sun


Not only will the vitamin D boost your energy, staying active in broad daylight will help you stay awake and align your internal clock with the new time zone.

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