Payment Policy

Skypass Travel values your personal information and credit card security for all your transaction with us. We would never ask for your credit card information. To be PCI Compliant, SSLv3 and SSLv2 are disabled to prevent any security flaws. You may use security protocol TLS 1.2 to shop online directly on We manually review each order and verify each order through email or phone, even though you can make payment online immediately through our online credit card processing. You may also call in to place an order and then make a payment through our VIP online billing system.

In order to provide an easy and fast way of ordering, we accept the following payment methods:

Credit Card Payment Option

Use your credit cards on is secured. All your transaction is encrypted via SSL and no credit card information are stored on our own servers. We accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express/JCB/Dinner's Card, debit card and gift card with those credit card logos on it for payments.

All orders are processed to be fulfilled after payment is confirmed and received. Once you submit the order to us, your credit card will be charged with the total amount of the invoice and the authorized amount will be taken away from your available credit card, therefore, our merchant service provider will be able to validate your credit card thoroughly. There will not be any duplicate authorization or charge on your credit cards. If there is any duplicate charges, please call us immediately.

If you decide to cancel your order, you will need to cancel the order within the first 24 hours after you submit your order online or offline by sending us an email or just call us. We are not liable for any overdraft fees incurred by your credit card or debit card issuers.

Please be advised that. We do not store your credit card information in our company or store, however our credit card processor will have the credit card information you enter during checkout process in order to process payment. Once you place an order, your credit card information is encrypted and sent to our credit card processor for payment approval. This information is transmitted with encryption to our credit card processor's secured and PCI compliant server. Once we receive your order after payment is approved, our sales representative "may" call you to verify your order and verify your credit card information if you checkout using credit card payment option.

Split Credit Card Payment

Due to Merchant agreement, if you want to split your order in to 2 or 3 payments, please submit separate orders and use different credit card to pay for each order.

Check Payment

We accept personal and business check payment from our distributors. All order will be processed and shipped out after your check is cleared at our bank with additional 7 days verification wait time. This is to prevent check fraud. For any return checks, we charge USD$35 return check fee since that is what we will be charged by our bank for any bad checks. For bad check issuers, we may report you to credit bureau or authority for further investigation.

Bank to Bank Wire Transfer

Currently we do not accept telewire transfer to avoid frauds or any other security risks. Please either pay through credit cards or check.